Corporate Accounts Requirements

Verification of Bona Fide Business entity (we will verify with one or more of the following)

  • Business license
  • Articles of Incorporation or Organization Corporate verification with State or Federal Government
  • Tax records originating from the state or federal government
  • Secretary of State trade name registration (accepted on sole proprietor only).
  • Business Credit Report

Verification of Business Address (we will verify with one or more of the following)

    • Onsite Inspection
    • Lease (including last page with landlord and lessee signatures)
    • Utility bill in company name
    • Invoice from vendor (i.e., Title Company)
    • Voided business check
    • Annual Report, Business Summary or Statement of Change
    • Note: We will contact you if we require your assistance in gathering any of the above.

Onsite Inspection

Please be aware that the onsite cost is $75.00 and will be added to your next invoice. CRM Global will contact you to arrange for the inspection visit. FDIC insured banks, NCUA insured credit unions and publicly traded corporations are exempt from the onsite inspection requirement.

    To ensure the security of the information in our system, the following are some key points reviewed during the onsite inspection:

  • Locked file cabinets
  • Disposal of sensitive information: Must have either a shred company/destruction service or cross-cut or micro-cut shredder
  • Do you share office space? If yes, with who? And what’s the relationship? Is there physical, locked separation between these businesses?
  • Is it a permanent office? Is there a permanent sign?
  • Leasing company name and phone number
  • Is the company server located in a secure location?
  • Is server/PC and/or printer segregated and secure in an area of its own, away from other activity in the office, e.g.: front office; lunch room; janitor closet
  • Is the Server/PC password protected?
  • Is the Server/PC viewable by non-employees?
  • Who performs maintenance and repair on client’s computer(s)?
  • Are computer(s) installed with current anti-virus/anti-malware?

    Verification of Company Phone Number

      The Company’s main telephone number as provided on the membership application must be verified by one of the following:

    • Current Yellow Page, White Page, or Dex online advertisement
    • Copy of internet page from a telephone company’s website
    • Copy of company phone bill, in principal or company name, company number circled

    • Some Additional Requirements

      • Specific industry license based on state requirements (i.e. mortgage license, NMLS and/or Real Estate license)
      • Some applicants will be required to have a personal or business credit report pulled by Advantage Credit, Inc. The personal credit report will post as a “general credit” inquiry and not as a “mortgage inquiry”.
      • Membership application and service agreement completion (this will be sent to you via email)

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