Credit Seminars

Increase Buying Power – Understand Credit Scores

Help your customer understand:

  • Credit score ranges, scoring models & how they are calculated
  • What is the best mix of credit to obtain the highest score, which will maximize your customer’s buying potential
  • What to Do and Not to Do with their credit when considering a new purchase or refinance
  • How derogatory information (including Divorce Settlements, No-Credit situations, etc.) may effect their credit and buying potential
  • How to increase their potential buying power with better scores
  • How to protect yourself from Identity Theft and Fraud
  • How current changes in the market impact scores

Continuing Education credit hours are available for Realtors in certain states.

Advantage Credit understands that one of the first places the loan process starts is with the credit score. Therefore, we developed a seminar tailored specifically on the subject of "Credit".For more information on sponsoring a seminar, please contact your sales representative at 1-800-670-7993.

Video Library

Check out our suite of credit videos here


“We were very pleased to have Dena in our office to deliver her credit seminar to our realtor partners. The realtors who attended gave positive feedback and were very pleased with the valuable information about how they can assist their clients with increased knowledge of obtaining improved credit scores and increasing buying power. They felt it was a good use of their time and would recommend it to their associates. Thanks Dena and Advantage Credit!”

– Todd Pruitt, Cherry Creek Mortgage

“I have been in the lending world since 2003, so I wasn’t prepared to learn much from the class- but knew it would be great for clients and realtors. Boy, was I wrong! The class was engaging and fun and I took quite a bit of new information back with me that I know will help me excel, pass on the valuable information to my clients and get them the best outcome possible when buying or re-financing a home! Thank you Advantage!”

– Amanda Geisick, Bank of Colorado

“Dena Falbo did an excellent job presenting to my group of Realtors! The feedback I have received been nothing but positive feedback from Realtors that attended. She covered a wide variety of topics such as Rescore, OPT-IN, how to get my customer the BEST credit score when buying a home and gave some great “real life” examples. Great job Dena! I would highly recommend this class to anyone!”

– Chris Lien, Cherry Creek Mortgage

“The Credit Seminar that Advantage Credit put on for my office was outstanding! I was able to learn new information to help my customers when closing a loan and I also was able to take the information and put it to good use for myself as well. The information was well put together and was presented professionally. From the start of planning the Credit Seminar to the very end, I could not be happier with how everything went and how it was handled. This has given me an edge up with my relationships with the people that attended.”

– Frank Propati, Megastar Financial Corp.

“The Credit Seminar was very well received by my realtor referral partners. They found the information incredibly useful both for themselves and their clients. I plan to offer this seminar several times this year.”

– Linda Rogers, V.I.P Mortgage Inc.

“Advantage Credit provides a great Credit Seminar that we have been able to offer to our customers! There is great deal of information in the Credit Seminar that my Loan Officers and customers will definitely use. I felt that this class was very valuable for the realtors and I was able to gain new Realtor contacts by inviting them to the seminar! Thank you Advantage Credit for all the great information and the new business that you have helped us gain! I look forward to our next Credit Seminar soon!”

– Brandy Stilwell, Eagle Home Mortgage

Liz Stewart and her team at Advantage Credit not only offer excellent products to me and my team, but they they bring so much additional value. We recently held a Realtor Lunch/Learn on credit and Liz provided an outstanding presentation and provided great insight to credit. If you are considering a new credit vendor I highly suggest Advantage Credit!:

– Brian Parkinson, Alerus

“Thank you so much for your Credit Seminar presentation! It was VERY beneficial for myself and especially for my realtors. I had three realtors attend and they were very appreciative of learning new information about credit while also earning CE credits. Your services alone have helped me earn new business. I work a lot with first time homebuyers, many of whom are not credit qualified when we first speak. However; I am able to lay out a plan and a timeline. I have had several borrowers work with me for over a year AND THEN are able to purchase.”

– Debbie Solko, Eagle Home Mortgage

“Thank you Dena for presenting at our recent sales meeting. The agents loved your information! I had six agents personally come to me afterward thanking me for setting up the meeting and for all of the credit details provided. Advantage has been an excellent partner, providing service and support for helping me improve my clients’ credit worthiness; in some cases making eligible buyers out of those who have been denied elsewhere and in other cases saving them $1,000’s in risk based pricing when updating erroneous or outdated information on their reports. We all appreciate your service!”

– Mike Smith, Colorado Professionals Mortgage

“The Seminar was wonderful and very informative. Kristie did a great job in covering everything ‘credit’! Our realtors are still talking about it. We look forward to partnering with Advantage Credit to provide another seminar to more of our realtors.”

– Susan Lansdell, Red River Credit Union

““A huge shout out to Christie Brown from Advantage Credit! She traveled to our office location and presented at our Realtor Lunch & Learn. The content was very informative and allowed for great guest interaction. And, best part was, we received two meeting requests from Realtors, to learn more about our company. I would highly recommend contacting Advantage Credit to see how they can help you strengthen your client/Realtor relationships.”

-Lisa Williamson, Summit Funding, Inc.

“The credit seminar is a must do with realtors. I had a seminar with a broker who I’ve have been trying to get business from and I have seen three referrals and one of those referrals turned into a deal! It’s worth it. I plan to hold another one later in the year.”

-Jonathan Kelly, Cherry Creek Megastar Lending

“Kristie Frank Lloyd conducted a continuing education course this spring to strengthen our realtor relationships & I received a referral & two additional requests to partner on future CE classes the very first day!”

-Sebastian Phenix, Amcap Gold Financial

“Advantage Credit was a huge hit and we received great feedback from your presentation. Not only did you help solidify our existing Realtor contacts, but you also opened up new Realtor contacts for us and we already received two new purchase contracts from Realtors we had not worked with previously! You are definitely one of our secret weapons in helping us grow our business. Thank you for making us look great.”

-Carolyn Carnie, PrimeLending

“I’d like to provide Cindy and her staff a huge recommendation at Advantage Credit. As a Circle of Excellence Loan officer I rely on good systems, people and follow thru to close loans today. I cannot be more happy with the quality of credit services Advantage offers, especially the CE credit classes which Cindy provides free to my Realtors and their offices.”

-Chad Bergman, Eagle Home Loans

"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge as well as donating your time to help my current Realtors and new Agents grow their businesses. Every single Realtor that attended your class had nothing but great things to say. A few of my Realtors have already implemented some of the ideas you offered and the pre approvals have been much easier. In addition, I built a few new relationships and have already received a few referrals. Thanks again!"

– Dave Marcus, First California Mortgage

“Charlie’s class (Understanding credit scores) was the most interesting and worth while class I have participated in my last 15 years of renewal courses.”

– Joe Hannah, Realty Executives

This seminar was fantastic!  I learned so much about credit scores, how to improve and maintain them, and about methods to prevent identity theft.  I was so impressed with this information, that I sent an email that same day to clients and family with the invaluable tips that I learned in the seminar.  Thanks!

– Judy Arnold, Prudential Professional Realtors

Mindy Leisure of Advantage Credit Inc.  presented their credit seminar for one of our best real estate offices in July, 2006.  They did a very professional, well organized presentation that stimulated a lot of questions from the agents.  A number of the attendees asked if we could bring Mindy back for future Credit Seminars.  Because of the education that Mindy provided, it allowed us to add great value to our real estate agent partners and I highly endorse their presentation.

– Tom Ninness, Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.

Thank you and your wonderful group who came to Douglas Elbert REALTOR Association to educate our members on credit scores.  There is so much to learn about helping one’s clients and self preserving financial credibility in our volatile world of finance.  It is truly frightening what can unwittingly happen to one’s credit score and ability to establish a firm financial future.  Your excellent class opened my eyes to important ways to protect credit, plan for the future and help others to do the same.  I eagerly await future classes you may present and shall refer your seminars to those who unfortunately were unable to attend.   Thirty-three years ago when studying for my first real estate license, my great-uncle, a REALTOR at the time, encouraged me to learn something new every day.  Passing that first test was merely a license to learn.  His sage advise has kept me thirsty for knowledge and eager to learn.  Your seminar was indeed one of great value.  Thank you for being there for the REALTOR and our clients.

– Jeanene "JC" Childers,RE/MAX Alliance Parker