Why Spend Hours Calculating Income From Complicated Files?

What if you could instantly calculate income the right way every time, even for self-employed borrowers? With FACTCheck from Advantage Credit you’re always in control! Advantage Credit is a proud reseller of FACTCheck, a service that improves income analysis, reduces repurchase risk and lowers underwriting costs.

How Well Do You Calculate Income? Are You Sure?

Save time and money using the tool that analyzes your files the right way and ensures your file spends less time in underwriting. Not only will your calculations get done faster, you’ll speed the whole underwriting process, which makes your client the happiest of all.


  • Easy to read format
  • Saves time and money, and makes for a seamless hand-off to team members
  • Analyzes 1040s, K1s, W2s, Pay Stubs, Business Returns, VOEs, etc.
  • Removes data entry mistakes
  • Can instantly provide an adjusted income number, even for the most complicated files
  • Calculates and summarizes income analysis using GSE guidelines
  • Lets processors focus on smart work, not data entry
  • Intuitively identifies additional documents needed for the file
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“FactCheck has been a great tool for allowing our sales staff to get a comprehensive income review upfront in the loan process. They love the service times, and our underwriters love the depth of information provided in the analysis.”

– Michael Metz, V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

“I believe FACTCheck is a valuable tool that de-mystifies the self-employed income calculations and provides our processors and underwriters independent income analysis for comparison. I look to FACTCheck to save our company both time and money in underwriting and it is a tool that allows us to focus on processes that add value and keep us from getting bogged down with mundane data entry and simple calculations. I enjoy working with Advantage Credit and thank you again for providing outstanding customer service, availability and a wide menu of services.”

– Wes Masters, First Financial Bank

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