Internal Audit Manager

The Internal Audit Manager will oversee and carry out various Advantage Credit, Inc. Quality Control/Auditing programs and activities at the direction of the VP of Risk Management (VP RM). This position is responsible for maintaining a high level of communication to the individual audit team members as well as facilitating a high level of communication with other ACI departments as necessary.

The ideal candidate must have a proven ability to work with and manage a team, effectively and proactively deliver ongoing training, and provide recommendations as appropriate for maximum operational readiness while our company continues to grow. Strong relationship building skills are essential. A successful candidate is a natural leader, is self-disciplined and organized, adapts well to change, takes confrontation in stride with patience and good humor, and retains the courage of their convictions with both direct reports and management at all levels.

Principal Duties:
In addition to the duties set forth below, other responsibilities may be assigned by VP RM as deemed necessary.

  • Manage staff of 4+ FTE, starting with CVS Internal Audit team.
  • Co-ordinate staff workload and ensure completion.
  • Review and approve PTO requests to ensure staffing coverage.
  • Conduct periodic and annual performance reviews of Internal Audit team members.
  • Routinely and proactively confer with VP RM, to set up and maintain audit team goals.
  • Help develop and/or update internal auditing policy and procedures for various Advantage Credit, Inc. departments.
  • Create Quality Control (QC) and Internal Audit training processes and related materials.
  • Provide initial and ongoing training on Internal Audit processes.
  • Provide updates to VP RM regarding ongoing training, audits and findings.
  • Monitor, maintain and update Internal Audit/QC-specific Zavanta documents, to include creating new policy and procedure content as needed.
  • Oversee the maintenance, organization and tracking of audit records by Internal Audit team.
  • Establish and monitor production standards.
  • Manage Internal Audit Policies & Procedure related to End Users and internal staff (utilizing Zavanta software).
  • Reports to:
    VP Risk Management

    Eligibility Requirements:

  • Current ACI employee in good standing.
  • Strong Credit Verification Specialist experience with consistent record of excellent audits results.
  • This job requires that you be physically and mentally able to work independently 8 hours a day at a desk with a computer setup, phone and video camera.
  • Experience and Skills:

  • Possess at minimum a basic knowledge and understanding of all Advantage Credit, Inc. policies, procedures, and the role of the Compliance and QC departments.
  • An exceptional candidate will have an understanding of CFPB directives, NCRA FCRA exam guidelines, Credit Bureau Reseller policies & requirements and solid understanding of the
    Fair Credit Reporting Act as it applies to Advantage Credit, Inc.
  • Demonstrate diplomacy when working with employees and department managers to resolve Internal Audit issues.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong MS Office (Word & Excel).
  • Pay Scale:
    Starting Wage of $21.50 with reviews at 90 days, 6 months and 1 year with the potential for raises each time. Then yearly reviews after the first year.

    Please send your cover letter and resume to Lisa Posteraro at