Vendor Specialist

Key Job Duties:

The Advantage Credit, Inc. (ACI) Vendor Specialist (VS) is responsible for maintaining accurate, up-to-date documentation on ACI for the purpose of Vendor Due Diligence (VDD), and conveying same in response to client requests in a timely, reliable manner.

Additionally the VS performs Due Diligence on key ACI vendors by proactively obtaining, assessing, tracking and maintaining vendor’s relevant documentation.

The VS is crossed trained on and may assist in supporting aspects of Risk Management coordinator functions as well as various Compliance/Risk Management duties as appropriate and as required by VP Risk Management.

The Product (VDD for clients):

The VDD material that comprises ACI’s standard VDD documentation relates to and includes –but is not limited to- insurance policies, ACI policies and procedures, Upper Management bios, our company background and- with a signed NDA- our SOC II audit report and audited financial statements.

The Product (VDD of ACI vendors):

The VDD material obtained and tracked by the VS on key ACI vendors relates to and includes –but is not limited to- audited financial statements, SOC II/SSAE-16 reports, insurance policies, vendor-specific policies and procedures on Information Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, BCP and DR testing results, and Upper Management bios.  VS requests, obtains, reviews and tracks said materials.

Vendor Specialist role and responsibilities:

VS, with oversight by VP Risk Management (and when needed, the assistance of the Marketing Manager) maintains, reviews and updates the current standard VDD response packet of ACI materials, and creates and/or customizes, as appropriate, a packet index and the documentation contents on a case-by-case basis for delivery to client.

VS reports to VP Risk Management, and consults with the head of Information Technology (IT) as necessary and appropriate to respond to VDD questionnaires from clients.  VS coordinates and communicates with relevant members of the ACI sales team to ensure VDD request turn-times are met.  VS maintains ACI’s standard VDD packet documentation; the archives of past VDD questionnaires; submits, receives, coordinates and stores NDAs for and between ACI, Meridianlink, and our clients; and proactively communicates with clients on the status of their VDD request/needs.  VS works closely with ACI’s external insurance broker, the ACI Controller, the President’s Admin and VP Risk Management to maintain documentation on current ACI insurance policies.


Experience with and understanding of various aspects of IT and IT security essential, as is a comprehensive understanding of the Reseller industry.

Strong problem-solving abilities are essential to the Vendor Specialist position.

The ideal candidate is a superb written and verbal communicator, able to take ownership of role as VDD point of contact between ACI and its vendors and its clients regarding VDD requests.

Exceptional analytical and organizational skills are a must.  Excellent Microsoft Suite skills required, with significant experience and expertise in Excel and Word.

The Vendor Specialist candidate must be adept at fostering cooperation and engagement from and between multiple parties, highly skilled at follow-through and adroit in meeting tight deadlines.

The VS works indoors, at a desk, on the computer and phone for 8 hours a day. The VS interacts with vendors and clients primarily via e-mail and phone; in person meetings are typically not required.

The VS must have a dedicated office space in their home, separate from any living quarters and without casual access by or through said office space by family members and/or friends.  The office space must not function in any other capacity other than as office for the ACI employee (i.e. no gym equipment, spare bed, laundry machines etc. in the office space nor accessible only by traveling through the office space).

Vendor Specialist Tasks, briefly, in part:

  • Act as contact point for vendors, answer questions, resolve problems.
  • Act as Vendor Due Diligence contact point for clients, answer questions, fulfill requests, resolve problems.
  • Handle processing of information for new vendors and integrate them into vendor system.
  • Handle and track processing of VDD requests for new clients.
  • Identify possible areas of vendor risk and work to minimize that risk.
  • Manage company relations with vendors and ensure vendors meet contract requirements.

Starting Pay: $19.00 per hour

Hours: 40 hours per week;

Shift: Typically 8-5 MT, however standard shift hours worked may be negotiated at hire to be otherwise, within reason, upon request.  Working the phone queue in this role is not typically required.