Revetting For Clear Choice Credit Accounts

Due to the acquisition of Clear Choice Credit (CCC) by Advantage Credit, Inc., all former CCC clients must complete a new, updated application and service agreement directly with Advantage Credit, Inc. and be vetted as a new client.
An initial ‘heads up’ mass email was sent out the week of November 18 to all users of former CCC clients as well as clients referred by CCC and UWM.
Starting November 26, email notifications of the requirement to complete a new application/service agreement were emailed to ONLY the ADMIN/OWNER/COMPANY PRINCIPAL in batches.

To avoid missing our emails due to Spam Filters, we recommend that each company principal/owner save the following email addresses to their contacts to ensure they receive all future communications related to this agreement and vetting process:,

To avoid disruption of service, each CCC company principal/owner must complete an updated service agreement with Advantage Credit, Inc. within 1 week of the date being sent our email notifications.

These notifications will be emailed out in weekly batches over the next two months.
To ensure we receive a timely response from each CCC client, a client account will be locked if we do not receive a completed, signed application and service agreement in response to our email notification, before their allotted 7 days are up.

If an account needs to be locked for non-response, it will not be done on a Friday or weekend.

As part of this vetting, we also require a prompt response to any additional requests for documentation or clarification. Failure to respond to such requests will also lead to further disruption of service.

Advantage Credit’s application/service agreement is located on our portal:

The application/service agreement must be completed online, but can be easily completed on a mobile device or on a computer.
It will take about 20 minutes to complete and can only be signed by the company’s owner/principal.

Should you have questions, please contact our Membership Application/Compliance team:
800-670-7993 option 5

To avoid disruption in service due to missing documentation, please scan and have ready the following:
• Photo id of Principal/personal guarantor/Owner
• Leasing agreement (if office is leased)
• NMLS certificate
• Business license
• Current Phone bill for main company #:
o must be in name of Company or Principal
o must display phone number

Our portal will prompt applicants to upload some or all of these above documents during the online application.
As many documents as can be uploaded by the applicant will be appreciated and will speed up the processing of the application.

Click Here for FAQ’s.

Advantage Credit Membership Application Team
800-670-7993 Option 5

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