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Rescore Express

You have so much to know in this industry and our dedicated Rescoring Team will assist you with utilizing our rescoring tools. They will consult with you on how to utilize our rescoring tools to increase your closing ratios. To contact our group, email us at

Mindy Leisure
Manager of Rescoring Services
303.952.7541 email
Bobbie Katz
Rescore Express Specialist
720.389.0375 email
Debra Buchanan
Rescore Express Specialist
720.389.0377 email
Donna (DJ) Rose
Rescore Express Specialist
720.481.3421 email
Jackie Reynolds
Rescore Express Specialist
303.952.7533 email
Jewell Fisher
Rescore Express Specialist
303.952.7585 email
Mary Fleming
Rescore Express Specialist
720.481.3411 email
Serena Whetstone
Rescore Express Specialist
720.460.2609 email

Customer Service

Our professional customer service reps are extremely knowledgeable about credit, fraud and credit bureau data and are here to assist you. And we help you close loans quickly by corresponding with you via email or phone within hours. In order to better serve you, Customer Service has been divided into two teams: Customer Service Client Care and Customer Service Production. To contact our group, email us at

Cheryl Shufelt
Manager of Customer Service
303.952.7559 email
Gail Thomson
Customer Service Trainer
303.952.7537 email

Customer Service Production

The Customer Service Production team focuses on more specific items such as tradeline supplements

Bobbi Piccini-Strong
Customer Service Production Coordinator
303.952.7591 email
Martha Blackwell
Senior Customer Service Representative/Bilingual Customer Service
720.460.2621 email
Angela Gonzales
Customer Service
720.481.3423 email
Kelly Kluth
Customer Service
303.952.7557 email
Tina Wilson
Customer Service
720.481.3445 email
Kristina Rothert
Customer Service Production Coordinator
303.952.7563 email
Irene Sanders
Customer Service
303.952.7545 email
Marie Buckhalter
Customer Service
720.481.3457 email
Michelle Montano
Customer Service/Internal Audit
303.952.7517 email

Customer Service Client Care

The Customer Service Client Care team answers all general calls and will help with anything you may need

Michelle Moberg
TRV/Queue Coordinator
303.952.7525 email
Beth Booth
Customer Service
720.481.3425 email
Brian Souza
Customer Service
303.952.7589 email
Katie Williams
Customer Service
720.481.3437 email
JoAnn Wiseman
Customer Service
720.481.3455 email
Nikki Leeper
Customer Service
720.481.3461 email
Olga Beagle
Customer Service (Bilingual)
720.481.3431 email
Shelly LaMaster
Customer Service Queue Coordinator
720.481.3447 email
Christa Hodges
Customer Service
720.460.2605 email
Christin Hamel
Customer Service
303.952.7561 email
Doreen Callihan
Customer Service
720.481.3427 email
Esmeralda Espinoza
Customer Service
720.389.0385 email
Misty Carnell
Customer Service
720.481.3413 email
Tricia Gesler
Customer Service
720.481.3453 email
Michele Fricano
Customer Service VOE/Queue Coordinator
303.952.7519 email
Alicyn Smith
Customer Service/VOE
720.460.2619 email
Elena Russell
Customer Service/VOE
720.481.3419 email
Kellette Coney
Customer Service/VOE
720.481.3459 email
Lori Gillmore
Customer Service/VOE
303.952.7527 email
Mari Rivas
Customer Service/VOE
720.389.0389 email

Susie Maday
VOE/Tax Transcript Data Processor
303.952.7587 email

IRS Tax Transcripts

Our dedicated tax transcripts team reviews all requests and identifies errors prior to submitting them to the IRS to minimize potential rejects. To contact our group, email us at

Annette Allen
Tax Transcript Data Processor
720.460.2611 email
Desiree Daguiar
Tax Transcript Data Processor
303.952.7581 email

New Business Development

With over 50 years of experience in the mortgage and credit industry, the Business Development team focuses on networking and creating strong partnerships with new customers. To contact our group, email us at

Patrick Tynan
Regional Director
303.952.7833 email
Brooke Higgins
Sales Coordinator
720.481.3463 email

Corporate Accounts

We take the time to understand your business and goals and align the appropriate services which will help you close more business, increase your closing ratios and, in turn, increase repeat customers. To contact our group, email us at

Bob Arrington
V.P. Sales and Marketing
303.952.7573 email
Casey Miller
Corporate Account Manager
720.460.2613 email
Christie Brown
Corporate Account Manager
720.460.2623 email
Cindy Magnuson
Corporate Account Manager
303.952.7523 email
Dena Falbo
Corporate Account Manager
720.389.0379 email
James Dworkin
Corporate Account Manager
303.952.7579 email
Kristie Frank
Corporate Account Manager
720.460.2601 email
Sherrie Girten
Corporate Account Manager
303.952.7547 email

Corporate Client Care

Assist with the initial onboarding of new clients, including training & technical questions.
Remain with the client for the life of the account to assist with any questions on products, specific files, maneuvering through the Advantage Credit website/loan origination software, reissuing to FNMA/FMAC, & training new employees. To contact our group, email us at

Tara Hrdlicka
Client Care Manager
720.481.3407 email
Dan Becker
Client Care Support
720.389.0383 email
Christie Casuga-Nguyen
Client Care Support
720.481.3409 email
Justina Fischer
Client Care Support
720.481.3405 email
Mandi Smith
Client Care Support
720.481.3401 email
Mark Coles
Client Care Support
720.481.3417 email
Patty Casburn
Client Care Support
303.952.7539 email
Peggy Lee
Client Care Support
303.952.7593 email
Therese Joyal
Client Care Support
303.952.7583 email


Provides marketing support and materials for all services and departments of Advantage Credit. Maintains the digital marketing including publishing news articles bimonthly, creating press releases as well as providing ‘Sharing Knowledge’ resources for customers. To contact our group, email us at

Rachel Dell
Marketing Manager
720.389.0381 email
Jen Castillo
Marketing Coordinator
720.389.0373 email

Monitoring Advantage

The Monitoring Advantage support team delivers high client retention rates and mitigates our Client’s financial risk due to Early Pay Off penalties. They will customize a solution that best fits your operation and optimizes your ROI. To contact our group, email us at

Ashley Lansing
Monitoring Advantage Supervisor
303.952.7565 email
Patty Shemel
Monitoring Advantage Assistant
720.481.3439 email

Systems Support

The Systems Support group is responsible for the planning and implementation of all data provider & system integrations. This includes loan origination systems, automated underwriting systems and Credit Bureau reporting platforms. Their mission is to streamline the process of data access while maintaining security and compliance for all Advantage Credit clients and vendor partners.

Tracy Vance
Systems Support Manager
303.952.7553 email


The Compliance team provides you with timely vendor due diligence reporting, education and monitoring processes that help you stay in compliance with financial regulations related to consumer reporting, including FCRA, FACTA, GLBA and UDAAP. To contact our group, email us at

Evon Butterworth
Compliance/Vendor Due Diligence Manager
720.389.0387 email
Leigh Anne Clark
Compliance Specialist
303.952.7521 email


Timely and accurate billing is a ‘must have’ in your business and our Accounting/Admin team makes this a priority. They are always available to answer your questions or accommodate any special billing requests

Gilbert Lansing
Accounting Manager
303.952.7531 email
Vicki Wallen
Accounting Assistant
720.481.3415 email
Terri Pracht
Administrative Assistant
303.952.7543 email
Lou Montoya
HR Generalist
720.460.2607 email
Dawn Trotter
Executive Admin to President
303.952.7571 email


Don Unger
303.952.7529 email
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