Sherrie Girten

Corporate Account Manager

Direct Phone: 303.952.7547
Direct Fax: 303.952.7548

Sherrie has been with Advantage Credit since 2006. She started in customer service and then moved into her current position as account manager. Welcoming and educating new clients, supporting current clients and growing the business, are just a few of the ways she provides good old fashioned customer service.

Prior to Advantage Credit she spent several years as a loan originator for 5/3 Bank and an Associate Campaign Director for United Way of the Ohio Valley.

Sherrie attended Western Kentucky University and Owensboro Community College. After living in Colorado for 4 ½ years, she and Scott now make their home in Kentucky and Florida. She is a member of Evergreen Christian Church, loves traveling, being in the mountains and spending time with family, friends and her dog, TOD.

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