Tax Transcripts (4506-T)

Determine a borrower’s income quickly and reliably.

Used to verify the validity of a borrower’s income by referencing tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Address Verification

**NOTE From the IRS: Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) procedures require the IRS to verify address information provided by the taxpayer on their Forms 4506-T or 4506T-EZ as part of the IRS validation process. If the address information provided by the taxpayer, either their current address or their previous address shown on their last return filed does not match what is on the IRS master file records, the request will be rejected.


  • Turnaround is 3-4 days (holidays, year end, and tax season could cause delay)
  • Low-cost method to determine a borrower’s income quickly
  • 1040 Individual Income Tax Returns with or with out W-2s
  • W-2 Information available
  • 1065 Partnership Income Tax Returns
  • 1120 Corporation Income Tax Returns
  • Streamline the loan approval process
  • E-signature (through DocuSign Electronic Signature Service)


  • Obtain tax transcripts directly from the IRS to compare information provided by the borrower with what was actually filed with the IRS
  • Fraud prevention tool, as well as performing quality control on funded loans
  • Convenient method for borrowers to supply income information during the loan application process that may have been lost or misplaced

IRS UPDATE – The IRS has added a “Reject Code 10” to their list of rejections causing a lot of confusion.  Below is some further information regarding this rejection:

    • The rejection code 10 is an indication of possible identity theft or fraud.
    • When a code 10 rejection comes back, IRS will not give specific details to any third party.
    • The taxpayer will receive a letter and a copy of the 4506T and they will need to contact the IRS Identity Protection Security Unit directly at 800-908-4490.
    • When the taxpayer calls the IPSU, they might release the transcripts via fax because the IRS will need confirmation they were received.
    • Once a taxpayer’s account has been flagged with a code 10, that flag may stay on the indefinitely.

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“I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job your tax team and Michele does!  They really bailed my butt out today! I needed transcripts for a loan closing on Monday and I submitted the request this morning (don’t ask why I didn’t do it earlier) and I asked for a rush.  To my pleasant surprise I received them this afternoon!  Now that’s what I call excellent service, I really wasn’t expecting them so quickly and I know it has to be because of Michele. Thanks for the excellence service.”

– Sherea Risk, Megastar Financial

“I wanted to let you know how amazing Advantage Credit’s Tax Team is.  Michelle Fricano is always available to help and goes above and beyond!  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all and the excellent customer service you give.  Thanks for all you do for me, couldn’t do my job without you!  Your new web site is fantastic too.”

– Terilynn Robinson, Universal Lending Corp.

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