Trended Credit Data

Trended Data Requirement

*DU Version 10.0 has been rescheduled for release on September 24, 2016 . Click HERE for more information from Fannie Mae. Check back here for more information as it becomes available*

Beginning September 24, 2016 Fannie Mae’s underwriting process will require trended credit data. Trended data is a detailed record of a consumer’s credit history. It includes the historical payment amount for each month going back 30 months under Transunion’s CreditVision or 24 months under Equifax Dimensions. Experian’s trended credit data is expected to be added at a later date, possibly beginning in January 2017.

Since the credit scores currently offered by FICO and VantageScore do not consider trended credit data, it’s unsure how trended data will impact underwriting. Below is an example of a tradeline including trended data. Note: this is a default format – any customized format you currently use will be maintained resulting in very little change to the appearance of your credit reports:

Click Here to see a full tri-merge credit report with trended data

Quickly understand the key trends happening with your applicant’s credit with TrendScape™

TrendScape also forecasts if/and when there could be a FICO score change which might affect your applicants’ current loan program qualification. Turn the new trended data into useful information with features like:

  • A mid-score forecast that matters
  • A concise description of the balance trend
  • Knowledge of how they pay

Click Here to see an example of TrendScape

For more information, see the following resources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back here for the most updated information on trended credit reports in the mortgage industry and how Advantage Credit is supporting its customers through this transition.

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