Monitoring Advantage – Customer Retention Services

We help you increase the percentage of repeat business with your past mortgage borrowers.


Improves your client retention and mitigates your financial risk due to Early Pay Offs by monitoring the mortgage shopping activities of your customers

  • Your follow-up with your previous customer is timely since you know they are interested in a new mortgage.
  • Often borrowers don’t realize they can come back to you for a refinance or for their next purchase loan.
  • Remove barriers from current servicers pushing programs to your previous customer that you can provide.
  • Proactively manage costly Early Pay Offs (EPO) prior to the investor notifying you.
  • It is much less expensive for you to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one!



“Using the Monitoring Advantage DAILY NOTIFICATION REPORT and corresponding gift card letter system, I have gained several transactions back, most recently two in one month! Yes, I stay in touch with my clients, however since many clients have their loans serviced by a bank or servicing company after closing, they are constantly bombarded with other offers. Some of those offers sound amazing and clients call on them. They think it will be ‘easy’ to use their current lender since they’re already making payments to them or they just talked to their ‘co-worker’ who got a good deal. Ultimately, a simple file check from me and a call or e-mail to remind them that I’m here and would love to help them is all it takes and I’m back in the mix for them. Oftentimes, I can show them a better way to set things up or get them a better deal and they’ve been thrilled! I love having this program!”

– TD, Cherry Creek Mortgage

“Our numbers with the Monitoring Advantage program have helped us close an additional 10 loans in the past six months totaling $1.5M in volume. The numbers are great and we are starting to see more of the leads converting into closed loans. Thanks!”

– Kelly Isensee, Greater Nevada Mortgage

“We have just started using Monitoring Advantage from Advantage Credit and the results have exceeded my expectations. We have been able to convert 8% of the leads into closed loans. The leads arrive more quickly, more accurately and more conveniently than from our previous supplier which has improved our ability to close more loans. The interaction with Monitoring Advantage is quick and the support provided by the Advantage Credit staff is excellent. They also generate monthly reports for us which provide us with the information we need to validate the success we are having. We look forward to continuing to leverage this tool to monitor our data base and continue to grow our business.”

– Lance Levin, TruWest Credit Union

“Advantage Credit’s Monitoring Advantage platform not only provides First Cal with a safeguard for potential EPO’s, it supports our loan officers with the ability to retain previous clients that might have gone somewhere else for their next loan. We believe this program is an important component for the growth of our company, its profitability, and provides needed support for our Loan Officers.”

-Brandon Case, First Cal

“Advantage Credit’s Monitoring Advantage platform is a key piece of our mortgage company’s client retention plan. It helps us generate repeat business to stay profitable, and instantly notifies us of potential future recaptures providing us time to address each one personally and promptly. The service’s monitoring, sourcing, and notification tools are constantly being updated and improved upon. Thank you Carma Scheafer and Advantage Credit! Keep up the good work!”

– David Adams, WaterMark Home Loans

“V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc. continues to support our loan officers increase their business and stay connected with their Clients. Monitoring Advantage has been a very successful program for our company. We have closed over $3 million dollars in sales just in the last 2 months because of the monitoring advantage program. Thank you Advantage Credit! We look forward to many more months of success!”

– Caren Bailey, V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.

“Monitoring Advantage has been a very successful program for me.  I am in the middle of closing three loans totaling $650,000. In each case, the borrower would have probably refinanced with someone other than me and my company.  I look forward to utilizing this service and appreciate all that you guys do for me.”

– Matthew Ackerman, Universal Lending Corp., DBA The Ackerman Group

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