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“Because Universal Lending has been in business for 30 years we have utilized many different credit reporting agencies. Advantage Credit compares to no other. Their prompt, accurate and reliable credit …
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If You Are Denied Credit

If you apply for credit but are turned down due to your credit report, the lender must provide you with a notice of Adverse Action. This letter will list the name and contact information of the CRA that supplied your credit report to the lender. Provided you make the request within 60 days of receiving the notice of Adverse Action, you may obtain a free copy of your credit report from the CRA.

If you have received a denial letter informing you of Adverse Action from your lender listing Advantage Credit, Inc. as the CRA, you may contact us to request a copy of your credit report. We will ask you to supply your Adverse Action letter; upon verification of the letter and your identity, Advantage Credit, Inc. will mail you a free copy of your credit report. Click Here to request a copy of your credit report through our online dispute portal.