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Anthony Ruiz

Regional Sales Director

Direct Phone: 303.952.7571
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Anthony attended the University of Toledo where he studied Mechanical Engineering. His career started off in the automotive industry as an Engineering Assistant. Eventually his career took him down a path as an Engineering Consultant for IET out of Toledo Ohio, and then a worldwide chain manufacturing company based out of Japan. The twists and turns of life forced him to look in a different direction, that led him to the Mortgage Industry where he has spent the past 20+ years dedicated to customer service and relationship building with his clients. He has worked in Title, as a loan officer, and as an account executive, sales manager for lenders, but his passion is credit. That passion translates into teaching those in the mortgage industry how they can better help their customers with credit by teaching classes for the Bankers Association of Kentucky and Indiana. He has taken that a step further by teaching future homeowners about credit when he served on the board for Habitat for Humanity.

With a background in sales, mainly as a vendor in the industry, his experiences are not limited to just this arena. He spent time in college on the retail sales floor for clothing, diamonds, health club and men’s suits sales. Combine that experience with his military background and you get a world of experiences that are hard to beat.

In the 20+ year career for Anthony most of that time has been spent on the Credit Reporting Agency side. The ever-changing mortgage industry creates its own challenges and Anthony has been there to help his clients navigate through those challenges by staying up to date with and teaching his clients the best practices to stay compliant while still finding cost savings in a tough environment. Relationships are extremely important to Anthony and he feels that life is best with family and friends around.

When Anthony is not at work you can find him on their farm, The Mama Bear Farm at The American Dream Homestead, with his wife Cyndi. They have 3 adult boys Declan, Ethan, and Gavan, who are each very successful in what they do. While work is important, playtime helps relieve stress, and Anthony loves outdoor activities, hunting, shooting, riding ATV’s, or just sitting by the river in a hammock while listing to his Detroit Tigers play baseball.