What If Simulator

What If Simulator

Help your borrowers make better decisions regarding their credit score

The What If Simulator lets you see what is likely to happen before the borrower actually takes an action. You can use it to predict results, develop a plan, and make better informed decisions.


  • Explore how various actions may impact credit scores
  • Helps you know when to perform a bureau re-score, saving you time and money by improving your success rate while managing expectations
  • Empowers you with fresh insights to uncover opportunities and make more informed decisions
  • Enables you to adopt a consultative approach and truly serve as a trusted advisor. By improving the lending experience while introducing new business options, you close more loans


  • Explore how various actions may impact credit scores
  • Experiment with specific actions (making payments; removing late payments; transferring balances; and more)
  • Find the best actions to maximize credit scores
  • Find out if you can raise an applicants score enough to qualify for an approval or a better rate
  • Run unlimited scenarios