Advantage Credit Inc. Hires New Customer Service Representatives

We continue to earn the business of so many long term customers and take great pride in providing our clients with personnel that are the most knowledgeable in the industry, with an attitude of dedication and professionalism that is reflected in our Old Fashioned Customer Service approach.

With the continued increase in business, we are pleased to announce the following new hires in our customer service department.

Bobbi Piccini-Strong has a mortgage and credit reporting background as well as several years of customer service experience. She lives in Nashville, Arkansas.

Bobbie Katz has mortgage experience as well as several years in the investigate services field. She lives in Brighton, Colorado.

Claudia Cortez has a background is in retail banking and consumer lending. Additionally, she also has extensive customer service experience. Claudia is also fluent in Spanish. She lives in San Antonio, TX.

Deb Buchanan comes to us with an extensive mortgage background. In addition to her mortgage experience, she is also knowledgeable in consumer advocacy. Deb resides in Longmont, CO.

Loire McDuffey-Warren has considerable experience in the mortgage industry as well as experience in consumer advocacy. Loire (pronounced the same as Lori) lives in Denver, CO.

Wendy Hinds has a background in the credit reporting industry. Additionally, she is also knowledgeable in credit research and resolution. Wendy lives in Roselle, IL.