Mortgages in the Pandemic

  With all the craziness and changes going on in the world today it is easy to get confused with the sheer volume of information being released. Since the Fed dropped the interest rates to zero, there are many questions as to how this will affect mortgage rates. Additionally, with the surge in unemployment, the ... Read more

Advantage Credit Responds to FHFA Request For Information on Credit Scores

At Advantage Credit, we’ve always taken an active role in trying to shape regulation and policy that help produce sound credit underwriting decisions that will benefit both lenders and consumers. To that end, the Federal Housing Financial Agency (FHFA) announced a Request For Input (RFI) seeking feedback from interested parties regarding how Fannie Mae and … Read more

Late Payments and Revolving Balances

Late payments and revolving balances are the two things that can do the most damage to a credit score. Having a late payment show up on your credit report probably makes sense but can revolving balances really have as much of a negative impact as a late payment? Absolutely. Let’s look at late payments first. … Read more

Big Changes Coming For Credit Reporting Agencies

Thanks to a 2015 settlement agreement between the New York Attorney General and the three credit reporting agencies, some important changes are on the way in regards to credit reporting. An additional agreement between the credit reporting agencies and another 31 state attorney generals ensure that the change will be nationwide. The changes are being … Read more

Advantage Credit Announces Update of Mobile App

Evergreen, Colo., January 12, 2018 – Advantage Credit, Inc. is excited to announce an important update to their free mobile application first launched in 2013. The update vastly improves the app on iPhones, iPads and Android smart phones and tablets. The new and improved app will still continue to provide the informative original articles from … Read more

Advantage Credit Donates to Direct Relief – Puerto Rico in Honor of Their Customers

Evergreen, Colo., December 14, 2017 – In appreciation of their customers as well as in the spirit of the holiday season, Advantage Credit, Inc. has made a donation to Direct Relief in Puerto Rico in honor of all of their customers. “We are thankful for our valued clients and wanted to do something that is … Read more

How Safe is Your Child’s Identity?

In this day and age everyone has been taught at least a few ways to protect their identities against theft. But what about your children’s identities? Social security numbers are issued at birth and since kids usually don’t use them until they are older, they are a prime target for identity theft. According to the … Read more