Employment Identity Theft

Imagine walking into work one day and being called into the boss’s office only to be questioned about why you have filed for unemployment?! Clearly you have a job…or at least you thought you did five minutes ago! In this case, you are most likely a victim of an employment identity theft scam. While this … Read more

New laws will make it easier to protect your child from Identity Theft

In a study from Javelin Strategy and Research published in May, more than one million children were victims of identity theft in 2017. Of those, 66% were under the age of eight. Up until now it was next to impossible to freeze a child’s credit file because there was no history for them. Children are … Read more

How Safe is Your Child’s Identity?

In this day and age everyone has been taught at least a few ways to protect their identities against theft. But what about your children’s identities? Social security numbers are issued at birth and since kids usually don’t use them until they are older, they are a prime target for identity theft. According to the … Read more

The Equifax Breach – What You Need to Know

So you’ve found out you were one of the 143 million people who were possibly compromised by the Equifax breach. What exactly does that mean and what should you do now? What it means is that hackers stole names, addresses, social security numbers and even driver’s license information. In some cases all this information was … Read more

Identity Theft – It’s a Matter of When Not If

No matter how well you protect yourself, chances are at some point you will become a victim of some sort of identity theft. It is virtually impossible, no matter what you do, that you will be 100% protected. In reality your identity probably already has been stolen and just not used yet. According to the … Read more