Think Twice About These Credit Decisions

There are certain decisions that people make when it comes to credit that seem like smart choices up front, but can in fact actually damage credit scores. Obviously, one of the best ways to obtain and … [Read more...]

Tax Time Identity Theft

Identity theft increases by seven percent during tax season from March through June. What is the primary source of this identity theft? Your mailbox. If you use “snail mail” to pay bills or receive … [Read more...]

Credit Score Myths

Credit scores can be confusing at best. There is a lot of information floating around about credit and scores that just simply aren’t correct. So let’s start out the year by de bunking some of the … [Read more...]


Fair Isaac Company (FICO) along with Experian and data aggregator Finicity announced last week that starting in January 2019 they will begin pilot testing a new credit score called “UltraFICO.” In … [Read more...]

New laws will make it easier to protect your child from Identity Theft

In a study from Javelin Strategy and Research published in May, more than one million children were victims of identity theft in 2017. Of those, 66% were under the age of eight. Up until now it was … [Read more...]

Opting Out

Does “opting out” really help your credit score? For years I have had people tell me their clients opted out and it increased their credit score by 10 or more points. In reality this is a myth. … [Read more...]

One Simple Mistake That Can Drop Your Credit Score

There are many obvious actions that can cause a credit score to drop such as making late payments, maxing out a credit card, etc. But there is one seemingly innocent action that you’ve probably never … [Read more...]

Clarification on Upcoming Changes to Credit Reports

There have been a lot of questions cropping up surrounding the changes coming in June to credit reports. These changes are due to the settlement agreement from 2015 between the credit bureaus and … [Read more...]

Why a Liens and Judgments Report is More Important than Ever

With the changes the credit bureaus (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax) have made first regarding judgments and now tax liens being removed from credit reports, it is important to have a backup to … [Read more...]

Tax Liens Are Going Away

For the second time in the last year the credit bureaus are making a major change in their credit reporting standards. Last week Experian announced that starting on April 16, 2018 all tax liens will … [Read more...]

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