What FICO’s New Credit Scores Mean for the Mortgage Industry

You may have heard the news; Fair Isaac is updating FICO scores! That’s right, two new credit scores are expected this summer --- FICO 10 and FICO 10T. Don’t panic, these new scores won’t have … [Read more...]


Fair Isaac Company (FICO) along with Experian and data aggregator Finicity announced last week that starting in January 2019 they will begin pilot testing a new credit score called “UltraFICO.” In … [Read more...]

Advantage Credit Introduces Rapid Rent Reporting

Evergreen, Colo., September 14, 2015 – One way that Advantage Credit, Inc. remains on the cutting-edge of credit reporting is by continually striving to provide the most effective tools and … [Read more...]

How Many FICO Scores Does a Person Have?

One of the most misunderstood facts about FICO scores is that most consumers think they only have 3…one for each bureau. The fact is that a consumer actually has dozens of FICO scores. With the … [Read more...]

What Score Factors/Reasons Mean

We all know FICO scores can be incredibly confusing to say the least. It seems there are always more questions than answers. How are they calculated? Why do they vary? What makes them change? I could … [Read more...]

Why Are FICO Scores Different on Mortgage Credit Reports?

We all know there are differences in credit scores because of different scoring models (i.e. FICO,Vantage or other proprietary credit scores). Credit scores will also vary depending on the … [Read more...]

A Glimpse Into the Secret World of FICO

How much? This is one of the biggest questions we get as a credit reporting agency. How much does a late payment affect a score? What about a maxed out credit card? We all know a bankruptcy is a big … [Read more...]

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