Advantage Credit Introduces Rapid Rent Reporting

Evergreen, Colo., September 14, 2015 – One way that Advantage Credit, Inc. remains on the cutting-edge of credit reporting is by continually striving to provide the most effective tools and applications. The latest endeavor is to introduce Rapid Rent Reporting, which allows the reporting of a consumer’s rental payment history as a traditional credit report tradeline to the credit bureaus within five business days. And Desktop underwriting systems will have access to the data which displays capacity & capability to repay large debts.

“We are so pleased to offer this great service,” said Don Unger, president of Advantage Credit, Inc. “giving our customers the ability to now report their borrower’s positive rental history will be immensely helpful in getting loans approved more quickly, which will mean more success for everyone involved.”

This new service will be an invaluable tool for those borrowers with a thin credit profile by accurately reporting their rental history up to 24 months. It reports as a traditional tradeline on a consumer’s credit report and is perfect for all applicants currently renting or who have rented within the last seven years.

Rapid Rent Reporting will help customers of Advantage Credit build a network of more qualified borrowers, enabling them to process loans for borrowers who might not have been able to qualify otherwise.

About ScoreWise
ScoreWise, Inc. is a technology/financial services company that specializes in aggregating rental payment data. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, and, ScoreWise has developed patent-pending software to automate the process of collecting rental payment data for seamless delivery to credit bureaus and the only approved consumer-direct business process, enabling consumers to more fully represent their creditworthiness to lenders.

About Advantage Credit, Inc.
Advantage Credit Inc. is a national leading provider of mortgage and banking solutions, background and tenant screening and business credit solutions with corporate offices in Evergreen, Colorado. Advantage Credit Inc. has a proud 21-year history of providing superior customer service while leveraging the most advanced credit technologies for leading mortgage companies, banks and credit unions nationwide. For consecutive years, Advantage Credit was honored by being named as one of the top fifty mortgage service providers in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine. For more information on Advantage Credit Inc., please visit