Length of Time Items Stay on a Credit Report

How long do items stay on a credit report? A lot of people will answer that question with a simple: “seven years.” In some cases this is true. Overall though, it’s not that simple. Both positive and … [Read more...]

The Fair Credit Reporting Act May See an Overhaul

Representative Maxine Waters, the top Democrat on the House Financial Services Committee has proposed a new bill titled “Fair Credit Reporting Improvement Act of 2014”. The Fair Credit Reporting Act … [Read more...]

Advantage Credit Offers FCRA Certification in Partnership with the NCRA

Evergreen, Colo., November 21, 2013 – In an effort to help its clients remain compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Advantage Credit, Inc., in affiliation with the National Consumer Reporting … [Read more...]

Can A Borrower Pay For A Rescore?

In a word… no. Per all credit reporting agencies’ contracts with the national credit bureaus, “any costs or fees bureau charges client for the service will under no circumstances be charged back to … [Read more...]

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