What Exactly is a Rescore?

A “Rescore” is the updating of information on a credit report at the bureau level in an expedited manner. It is not credit repair and it is not a manipulation of the credit report. Eventually the … [Read more...]

Experian® to Reverse New Rule

Evergreen, Colo., January 27, 2015 – Experian® has agreed to reverse their newly instituted rule about removing dispute remarks. The rule stated that a letter from the creditor was required to remove … [Read more...]

Handling Accounts That Are Shown as Disputed on the Credit Report

When an account on a credit report has a dispute remark on it, an automated underwriting system (AUS) will pick up that remark and show it as a “refer” or an “ineligible”. Per Fannie Mae guidelines, … [Read more...]

The Magic of 24

24…that is the average number of points scores increased in 2013 as a result of a rescore. Think about it…how many more loans could have been closed with an extra 24 points? Rescores had an average … [Read more...]

Can A Borrower Pay For A Rescore?

In a word… no. Per all credit reporting agencies’ contracts with the national credit bureaus, “any costs or fees bureau charges client for the service will under no circumstances be charged back to … [Read more...]

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