Experian® to Reverse New Rule

Evergreen, Colo., January 27, 2015 – Experian® has agreed to reverse their newly instituted rule about removing dispute remarks. The rule stated that a letter from the creditor was required to remove any dispute remarks during the rescore process. Effective immediately, they have agreed to go back to accepting letters from borrowers. Experian® was open … Read more

The Magic of 24

24…that is the average number of points scores increased in 2013 as a result of a rescore. Think about it…how many more loans could have been closed with an extra 24 points? Rescores had an average success rate of 91% in 2013 with 60% of those rescores being accomplished simply by the borrower paying down … Read more

Can A Borrower Pay For A Rescore?

In a word… no. Per all credit reporting agencies’ contracts with the national credit bureaus, “any costs or fees bureau charges client for the service will under no circumstances be charged back to the customer, either directly or indirectly…” The reason for the credit bureaus implementing this policy over 15 years ago is based on … Read more