Another Reason to Avoid Credit Repair

Inaccuracies on credit reports are an ongoing problem and a source of great frustration for consumers. Many of the inaccuracies are accounts those consumers believe belong to another person, or that they may have been a victim of identity theft. A lot of consumers feel they don’t have the time or fortitude to address the … Read more

Rescoring Vs. Credit Repair

Is rescoring the same as credit repair? No, they are not the same thing! We have all seen the ads – a company can erase all your bad credit and within 30 days or less you can have an A+ credit score. True? In a skewed way, possibly, but only for a very short period … Read more

Reasons to Avoid Credit Repair Companies

There are a lot of reasons to avoid credit repair companies. They usually don’t live up to your expectations, you end up with a lot of money out of pocket and typically, they end up doing more harm to your credit than good. A big downfall of these companies that most people don’t take into … Read more