Advantage Credit Introduces Score NOW

Evergreen, Colo., June 11, 2015 – Advantage Credit Inc., always strives to provide the most valuable and innovative products and services for their clients. Their newest offering, Score NOW, is a consumer-initiated and consent-based service that gives potential borrowers the opportunity to see the types of loans they may qualify for, all without affecting their credit score since it is a soft inquiry.

“We are excited to be able to offer this service,” said Jim Kaiser, vice president of sales with Advantage Credit, “Score NOW will enable our customers to let their borrowers know what their loan options are in seconds.”

Score NOW has already been a valuable tool for one customer who had this to say about it: “Score NOW allows me to grow and protect my future pipeline of customers. I am able to provide potential borrowers the opportunity to see the types of loans they may qualify for and because it is a soft inquiry, it does not impact their FICO score and I can protect them from being added to trigger notifications from other lenders.”

If the borrower accepts the loan, they can then move forward with the application process where a full hard inquiry tri-merge credit report is pulled.

About Advantage Credit, Inc.
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