Advantage Credit Announces DU® Validation Services Supporting Day 1 Certainty™

Advantage Credit, Inc. is pleased to announce services that support the new Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation services for Day 1 Certainty™. Advantage Credit, Inc. provides Equifax The Work Number® Verification Services for verification of employment and income services and Verification of Deposit and Assets with AccountChek™, an award-winning solution for verifying a borrower’s assets to their expansive inventory of product offerings.

Our Services will allow you to have:

  • One platform to order all services
  • Convenient access to all services
  • No additional logins and passwords (utilize your existing)
  • Saves you time and minimizes errors with pre-populated fields
  • One invoice

“We are very excited about being able to offer our verification services in support of Fannie Mae’s DU Validation Services with Day 1 Certainty to our customers,” said Marty Flynn, Executive Vice President of Advantage Credit, Inc. “these services are designed to provide lenders with enhanced loan origination controls, process efficiency, and certainty around borrower income, assets, and employment input into DU.

Equifax Verification Services delivers results within seconds, leveraging The Work Number containing employment records from over 5,500 employers nationwide. And if your applicant’s employment data isn’t instantly available, a researched verification can be immediately initiated and completed by our dedicated team of verification specialists.

AccountChek collects data directly from virtually any financial institution and generates reports in just minutes, creating enormous time savings for both borrowers and lenders. By eliminating the need for paper bank statements, AccountChek also helps significantly reduce buyback exposure and fraud, while also providing lenders with an easy solution for complying with new “ability-to-repay” rules.

AccountChek through Advantage Credit includes the following features:

  • Statements are approved by all of the GSE’s
  • Provides a summary page highlighting large deposits, non-sufficient funds incidents and an aggregate view of multiple accounts
  • Automated verification of whether the account holder’s name matches the borrower name
  • Historical account views going back 30,60 and 90 days, including all deposits and withdrawals
  • Encrypted digital certificate to prevent document tampering
  • Ability to add accounts and share information with authorized parties
  • Statements are available within minutes
  • Less costly than the fees of the mortgage investors for faxed verifications
  • Accessible from smart phones, tablets or desktop computers

Earlier this year, the underlying technology behind AccountChek was awarded a U.S. patent for its proprietary process of electronic certification of a borrower’s bank account data.

About The Work Number
The largest collection of payroll records contributed directly by employers. Through The Work Number we enable you to get fast and accurate validation of employment information as well as consumer income if requested, so you can make the most informed decisions.

About FormFree
FormFree Holdings Corporation is a privately-held technology provider that specializes in helping financial institutions determines the ability of their customers to pay back loans and reduce closing times by automating the financial verification process. FormFree has partnered with Equifax and other industry-leading credit and financial service providers to collect, certify and analyze data and help customers make better lending decisions. Its flagship product, AccountChek, is an automated, paperless verification of deposits and assets solution that has received an Innovation Award from the PROGRESS in Lending Association, Mortgage Technology magazine’s “Fix-It” Award, and was the category winner in HousingWire magazine’s 2014 HW TECH100 list of the most innovative technology companies in the housing industry. FormFree was founded in 2008 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

About Advantage Credit, Inc.
Advantage Credit Inc. is a national leading provider of mortgage and banking solutions, background and tenant screening and business credit solutions with corporate offices in Evergreen, Colorado. Advantage Credit Inc. has a proud 23-year history of providing superior customer service while leveraging the most advanced credit technologies for leading mortgage companies, banks and credit unions nationwide. For consecutive years, Advantage Credit was honored by being named as one of the top fifty mortgage service providers in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine. For more information on Advantage Credit Inc., please visit