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“Because Universal Lending has been in business for 30 years we have utilized many different credit reporting agencies. Advantage Credit compares to no other. Their prompt, accurate and reliable credit …
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Our average turnaround time for a rescore request is 3 days!

Over 92% of our rescores in 2021 were successful!!

Our Professional Rescore Express Team provides FREE consultation with loan officers, including recommendations to maximize the rescoring opportunity.

Our dedicated team will work with your loan officers to review their customer’s credit file and provide recommendations to improve your customer’s credit score.

Unlimited access to the What If Simulator and Wayfinder is an option for your account.

Enhance your loan officer’s value on each application with these valuable analysis programs.

We have a suite of services available to address Fannie’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI).

Includes the Undisclosed Debt Notification which can monitor up to 3 bureaus and a Refreshed Credit Report comparing data from the original credit pull and all the verification services.

Our Verification Services provide a crucial source to request verifications.

Our Verification Services provide our clients the confidence to fund or modify loans based on the most reliable information.

Determine a borrower’s income and social security name/number quickly and reliably with our Tax Transcripts & SSA-89’s.

It verifies the validity of a borrower’s income by referencing tax returns filed with the IRS.

Quickly detect discrepancies with Risk Mitigation Services.

Provides a review of loan data to enable you to quickly detect discrepancies, enable compliance and reduce risk of loan repurchase.

We offer accurate Flood Zone Determinations.

This will protect your clients and ensure they are in compliance with the National Flood Insurance Program.

We provide periodic reviews of the services we delivered over the past month, quarter, etc.

We identify trends in your business and provide recommendations for your business.