Liens & Judgments Report

The Liens & Judgments Report provides superior public record data that maximizes search accuracy. This report, powered by either LexisNexis® or PitchPoint delivers reliable and accurate information on liens & judgments from hundreds of data sources.


  • Proven results: LexID® exceeds 99% precision of linking accuracy, so you can better connect dots between identities and records.
  • Civil Court Search Report™ provided by PitchPoint includes detailed records of any potential bankruptcies, liens & judgments linked to the applicant.
  • Data Accuracy: Rigorous policies and procedures ensure that records can be linked to a consumer file with a high degree of reliability.
  • FCRA compliant


  • Advanced Linking Technology: Identity information from nationwide credit bureaus, expansive public records, and hundreds of other data sources are coupled with the HPCC Systems® supercomputer technology provides LexID® identity linking technology.
  • Current insights: A nationwide network of court runners provides the most current public record content available.
  • Consumer disclosure and dispute process: A transparent and robust dispute resolution process to help consumers report and correct inaccurate information.

For existing clients who were on-boarded prior to July 1, 2017 and would like access to a Liens & Judgments Report, please send an email to our Client Care team at to request that your company account be activated. Be sure to include your contact information.

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