Advantage Credit Launches Undisclosed Debt Notification Service

Evergreen, Colo., November 7, 2013 – Advantage Credit, Inc. is continually striving to improve the customer experience by offering valuable and innovative products and services. Their newest offering, Undisclosed Debt Notification, is a service designed to monitor a borrower’s credit profile throughout the entire loan process helping to ensure a smooth closing.

This new service will be an invaluable tool in preventing those last minute surprises on a borrower’s credit profile before closing a loan. “Improving closing ratios is something we pride ourselves on, so we are really excited to now offer the Undisclosed Debt Notification service,” said Jim Kaiser, director of sales and marketing for Advantage Credit, Inc., “enabling our customers to monitor credit during the loan process will allow them to deal with any credit hiccups a lot earlier, which will help keep them on track to close the loan in a timely manner.”

When turned on, the Undisclosed Debt Notification service will be available for up to 180 days with a 60 day look back period to see if anything has changed in the borrower’s credit profile. This service coupled with Advantage Credit’s Refresh Report, which is pulled the day before closing, will help safeguard against any last minute issues.

About Advantage Credit Inc.
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