Lead Generation: iScreen℠

An efficient prospecting tool for your direct-mail campaigns. Finding the right customers before mailing an offer is a real challenge, but we’re here to help! With iScreen℠, you can quicky and easily target customers who meet your qualifications, saving you time and money on direct-mail campaigns.


  • iScreen is a user-friendly, list-fulfillment tool you can use to increase sales profitability and maximize marketing spend.
  • Eliminate unqualified prospects from your list leads to better response rates and reduces the overall costs from direct-mail campaigns.
  • Predictive scoring model that helps identify potential consumers that may be looking for a mortgage loan in the next 90 to 120 days


  • Flexibility with attributes in designing targeted campaigns such as: cash out refi’s, first time buyers, VA/FHA and reverse mortgages.
  • iScreen fulfillment: Advantage Credit has customized the iScreen lead generation tool to include a total fulfillment of the overall marketing campaign. You choose the campaign and Advantage Credit takes care of the rest; including an offer to encourage a customer response!

For more information on Advantage Credit’s Lead Generation Tools, please contact your sales representative at 800-670-7993.

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