New Options for Disputes on Your Credit Report

A Presentation of the Did You Know Series

Experian, Equifax and Trans Union have added a new function to their dispute handling system that makes explaining or providing proof of your dispute a bit easier. You can now upload, fax or mail any supporting documents you may have concerning your dispute. Prior to this the only way to provide documentation was to mail it. The credit reporting agencies will then forward your dispute along with the supporting documentation to the data furnisher (the creditor that originally gave the information to the credit reporting companies) If the furnisher corrects the information because of your dispute and the supporting documentation, they must also correct it with every credit reporting agency. Having the ability to upload or fax your supporting documentation is also a more assured way of getting your supporting documentation looked at, as there is less of a chance of it getting lost in the mail. It’s a good idea, at least once a year, to check your credit report at From there you will have instant access to your credit report on line, have the ability to dispute any inaccuracies and have the ability to upload or fax any supporting documentation you may have to them.