Bankruptcy and Credit

The amount of consumers that file bankruptcy each year continue to decline since new laws went into effect in 2005 tightening the requirements for a consumer to be able to file. The numbers that still … [Read more...]

How Public Records End Up on a Credit Report

There are three kinds of public records that can appear on credit reports: Bankruptcy Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, state and federal tax liens and civil judgments. However unlike creditors who are data … [Read more...]

Why Doesn’t a Mortgage Show on a Credit Report After Bankruptcy?

There’s no doubt that having a mortgage on your credit report can be a big help to your credit scores. However if you file bankruptcy you may notice that your mortgage is no longer reporting or at … [Read more...]

Banks Step Up to Provide Relief to Bankrupt Consumers

Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase announced this week that they will make changes to how they report debt that was included in a bankruptcy. The change is set to occur within the next three … [Read more...]

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