Advantage Credit Now Offers ApplyConnect®

Evergreen, Colo., December 17, 2015 – Advantage Credit, Inc. is pleased to announce it is now offering ApplyConnect® the industry’s most advanced rental background screening solution for landlords and real estate agents.

“We are so happy to be able offer ApplyConnect® to our landlord partners,” said Jim Kaiser, vice president of sales for Advantage Credit, Inc., “It provides the most comprehensive tenant screening available. I know our customers will really enjoy the ease and quality of this wonderful new service.”

The rental application process is now so much more convenient with the ApplyConnect® online rental app. It allows prospective tenants to fill out the rental application as well as provide an e-signature which makes an otherwise tedious task very fast. The landlord is e-notified and the rental application along with the Experian credit, criminal and eviction check will be available for viewing on their individual dashboard.

“ApplyConnect is excited to begin our new partnership with Advantage Credit offering our unique brand of consumer initiated tenant screening to their users which will have a positive effect to their rental portfolio’s bottom line,” stated Sabrina Bower, president of ApplyConnect®.

The process of getting a prospective renter’s background and credit checks has never been as fast or as easy as it is now with ApplyConnect®

About ApplyConnect®
ApplyConnect® is a revolutionary tenant screening service. Quickly identify qualified renters with a comprehensive screening report that includes an Experian credit report, complete with the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model, nationwide criminal background check, nationwide eviction history, and sex offender registry search. This helps landlords and agents find more qualified renters, as VantageScore 3.0 allows for approximately 35 million more consumers to be scored, as compared to other scoring models. Tenant screening has never been easier or more comprehensive. Sign up for free with ApplyConnect® today!

About Advantage Credit, Inc.
Advantage Credit Inc. is a national leading provider of mortgage and banking solutions, background and tenant screening and business credit solutions with corporate offices in Evergreen, Colorado. Advantage Credit Inc. has a proud 21-year history of providing superior customer service while leveraging the most advanced credit technologies for leading mortgage companies, banks and credit unions nationwide. For consecutive years, Advantage Credit was honored by being named as one of the top fifty mortgage service providers in the country by Mortgage Executive Magazine. For more information on Advantage Credit Inc., please visit