Young Adults and Credit

It is more crucial than ever for young adults to begin building a positive credit history well in advance of taking out an auto or home loan. Building a foundation of good credit and scores will … [Read more...]

Marriage, Divorce & Credit

Whether you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle or headed to Las Vegas there are certain things to keep in mind in regards to your credit to make sure it retains its integrity. Neither of these … [Read more...]

Creditors That Don’t Report to the Bureaus Can Still Affect Your Credit Score

Most people have cell phone bills, utility bills, rent payments,etc. While the majority of these do not report to the bureaus they can still affect your credit score if you become delinquent on … [Read more...]

Need Help Establishing Credit? Try a Credit Builder Loan

Borrowers needing help establishing credit most often start with getting a secured credit card. While secured cards are a great way to start establishing or re-establishing credit they do require you … [Read more...]

Summer is a Good Time to Check Your Credit

Winter is over. We’ve planted the flowers, washed the heaviness of winter off of the windows and dusted away the cobwebs. Now is a great time to check out any cobwebs that may be lingering on your … [Read more...]

Marriage and Credit

A Presentation of the Did You Know Series Did you know...when you get married you do not inherit your spouse’s credit? Each individual has their own separate credit file. When you marry those … [Read more...]

Advantage Credit Announced as a Preferred Credit Partner of Stearns Lending

Evergreen, Colo., September 23, 2013 – Advantage Credit Inc., a leading provider of credit reporting services, is pleased to be announced as a preferred credit partner of Stearns Lending. This … [Read more...]

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